ABC PoS Pool

Cross CFX/ABC (Transfer)  

From the voting list ,the actual vote period is about 63 min(vs estimated 60 min), user have to wait for about 63/60=105% longer to withdraw their asset. Therefore, after stake, you need to wait for at least 13 days+ 15.6hours to unstake, after unstake, you need to wait 1 day+1.2 hours to withdraw.

Stake your CFX in Conflux PoS to help improve the network's finality and earn PoS rewards

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Stake Rules:
  • The Stake/Unstake CFX amount must be multiple of 1000
  • The lock period of Stake/Unstake is 13+1 day(May need another 2~3 hours)
  • The reward will updated every hour
  • The reward can be claimed any time
  • Performance fee is {{perFee}}% of the PoS reward

Telegram https://t.me/abcdaohome
推特 @ABCpospool