We will proceed a upgrade according the newest Conflux hardfork v2.2. During the upgrade, main operations will be closed, the interest calculation will keep normal. The whole process may take serveral days.

ABC PoS Pool

ABC PoS Pool

Stake your CFX in Conflux PoS to help improve the network's finality and earn PoS rewards

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Stake Rules:
  • The Stake/Unstake CFX amount must be multiple of 1000
  • The lock period of Stake/Unstake is 7 day
  • The reward will updated every hour
  • The reward can be claimed any time
  • Performance fee is 4% of the PoS reward

Btok 电报群 https://s.denglianqiu.cn/+WJw--q6SUsQyNDc1
推特 @ABCpospool